Achieve success by following the path of least resistance

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I’m a lazy bastard. You’re a lazy bastard. We’re all lazy bastards. In fact, I’m so lazy, I’m considering ending this post right here right now leaving it up to you, to figure out where I’m going with this. But I won’t do that. I know you’re too lazy to care! How do I know that? Because science.

As humans, we’re hard-wired to follow the path of least resistance. Researchers have found that we believe the low-hanging fruits are the ripest.

The overlooked mental benefit of running

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Let’s be honest. It’s exhausting and miserable. Running f*cking sucks! At least while you’re doing it. But running obviously has its benefits as well. I mean it has to, right? That many people can’t simply be masochists? That’s what I thought to myself when I went out to buy a pair of running shoes a few months ago. And sure enough! Running does have its perks. One of those perks is highly overlooked, but massively beneficial to your ability to do the things you put your mind to. Hear me out.

When you read about the mental benefits of running…

Am I doing this right? Let’s find out.

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It’s a rainy Sunday and steam is slowly rising from my teacup. What better time to do a review of my short-term goals?

Reading about the GTD method and the principle of the weekly review only strengthened my belief about reviewing your progress towards your goals regularly is the key to stay on track. So here I’m going to share my first review of my own goals in the hope that it will not only help me stay on track but inspire you to start as well.

This post has been on…

How I’m slowly becoming more structured

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89 days ago, when I first started writing down these notes on how to increase your productivity and do the things you dream of doing, I was a complete and utterly unstructured mess. Today I’m still an unstructured mess. But I’m making small improvements. Here is how:

Take this week. On Wednesday I came up with the idea of making a list each week with the topics I want to write about in the next 7 days. That would make it easier for me to sustain one of the newest habits I’m trying to build (writing in the morning) as…

A small hack to gain long-lasting confidence and motivation

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I have made it a new habit to write my daily posts by hand before I type them out on my computer for editing and publishing. I did so initially to eliminate the distractions that come with writing on a computer, but now I have found another benefit. By sticking with the same notebook my progress becomes really obvious. Just this morning when I trapped my pen and flipped through to the first empty page I caught myself thinking “damn, I have almost filled this out already”. …

How I fought my urge to procrastinate today

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I almost didn’t make it here. Today is the third day of my experiment around writing these daily posts in the morning instead of later in the day. Before I started writing just now, I was tempted to postpone it. But here I am at 07:30 pm ready to tell you about how I overcame this temptation.

The temptation to delay my writing until later today stems from the fact that I have a three-hour train ride tonight. This automatically led me to come up with a backup plan about doing my writing on the train if I should fail…

A habit to support a habit

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I can’t believe it took me 87 days to think of this. Ever since day 1 of writing these posts my biggest challenge has been to come up with the right topic to write about each day. I’ve mentioned this struggle dozens of times and just as recently as yesterday when I wrote about how switching to writing in the morning forces me to come up with the topic the day before. Now I think I might have found a solution to this challenge.

Why don’t I dedicate a day in the week to plan out what I’m going to…

Coming through on the promise I made yesterday

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Here I am doing it. Just like I decided I would yesterday: Experiment with writing my daily post in the morning instead of the evening. So far I like it.

I’m wide awake and a bit sweaty after completing my (very) short run as well as my Morning Pages. It wasn’t intentional but I feel like both prior activities benefit my writing right now. …

I’m about to growth hack my life

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It’s time for some change around here. I have made it a habit to write these posts a little bit too late in the evening. That way, I have told myself, I will have plenty of time throughout the day to figure out how to approach my chosen topic. But is that actually the best way to go about this? I’m not so sure. The only way to find out is through experiments.

I have read somewhere that Facebook runs 10,000 different versions of the platform throughout away. The engineers do this to test how small changes affect the way…

How I’ve learned to avoid procrastination

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These past 83 days I have learned a lot about procrastination and how to avoid it. However, knowledge is not always sufficient when it comes to breaking bad habits and forming better ones. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to experiment with different approaches and learn from the results.

Lately, I have found that I write most effectively when I’m away from home or on the edge of a deadline. The Common denominator? My only choice is to write. When I’m sitting in a park or a café with my pen and notebook I have nothing else to…

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