Fake it if you are naked, pop champagne every chance you get, and 8 other strategies to get to where you want to be in life inspired by behavioral science.

Girl writing by her desk under the light of a lamp

0 to 100 real quick!

Yes, I’m going to be the first author on Medium to quote Drake instead of Hemmingway as I just hit 100 consecutive days of writing and publishing a story.

About 3 months ago I set out to research and write about how to actually do…

From the author of classics like “My Brain Just Took a Huge Dump” and “Kicking Fear of Imperfection in the Balls” comes an about-me story

In 2018 I applied to become a fighter pilot in the danish national airforce. Before I ever came within 50 feet of an F-16 fighter jet I was rejected from the programme.

I never became a fighter pilot but the experience of taking a shot at my dream lit a…

Emil Carlsson

Fighter pilot reject taking notes on how to follow your dreams. I’m publishing those notes right here every day.

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