Notes on doing it — Day #100: Yes, you read that right

100 posts in 100 days. Read about some of the strategies that got me here.

Fighter Pilot
2 min readJun 29, 2021


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Today is my 100th consecutive day of writing and publishing a blog post about how to do the thing we set our minds to. I’ve learned so many things these past 99 days that have gotten me here. Things I will continue to put to use in my endeavors. And things that will help me breeze through the writing of this post as well.

I will set the bar low to make it easy for me to start writing. Like any other of my previous posts, this one doesn’t have to be longer than one sentence either. And I guess I’m already beyond that if I can trust my counting.

I won’t let fear of imperfection fuck with me. I mean why should this post need to be perfect? It’s just another regular post, right? Right!?

I will build momentum by simply writing the words that pop into my head and skip the parts where I’m slowing down. I know I can always come back and edit later.

I will kill my Wifi and turn off my phone to eliminate distractions and bad habit cues like email notifications.

I will find motivation in my hot streak of writing and publishing for 99 days straight. How can I quit now?

I will refrain from cooking up a plan B for writing this post. It has to be right here right now.

I will write this post by hand to make this victory as sensual and tangible as possible in order for the confidence that comes with it to manifest itself throughout my whole body and stay with me longer.

And finally, I will celebrate it and reward myself as soon I hit publish, to let this habit I’ve build grow even stronger.

These are only a handful of the strategies I’ve learned to apply to reach my goals in the past 99 days. Now I can’t wait to learn and write about more.



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