Notes on doing it — Day #19: A tip for taking control of your thoughts

Fighter Pilot
1 min readApr 9, 2021
Photo by Rebe Pascual on Unsplash

Finally a diet that doesn’t make you hangry! First day of my attention diet has been great so far. I even stumbled upon a tweet that highlights another benefit of being extremely picky about the content you consume. The tweet came from a very familiar bird. Not a bald eagle but a bald genius. On the 3rd of October 2020 James Clear chirped:

“When you choose who to follow on Twitter, you are choosing your future thoughts.”

This doesn’t only apply to twitter. It applies to news, books, videos, podcasts and so on. When you choose what information you want in front of you, you essentially choose a meal for your mind.

Thinking about it this way makes a lot of sense to me. Obviously input impacts output. This only strengthen my belief about the importance of going on a strict attention diet. Not only do you improve you ability to focus. You also take control of your thoughts.

Fighter Pilot

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