Notes on doing it — Day #35: 4 current personal projects of mine

This is an experiment to find a way to stay focused on my goals

Fighter Pilot


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Yesterday I decided to write down the habits I’m currently attempting to implement in my life. That was well before I drank the glasses of white wine that’s currently giving me the tail end of a hangover.

So without further ado: Here’s my current “personal projects” along with the hope that writing them down will make it easier to remember what’s really important to me.

1: Write and publish a blog post of at least one sentence each and every day

Plan: settle on the subject of tomorrows post before going to bed in order to make it easier to start writing the day after

2: Work on my ability to keep focus by reducing the amount of content I consume

Plan: Block certain websites, limit myself to a maximum of two podcasts episodes or other kinds of longform content each day.

3: Build a better morning routine

Plan: Make Morning Pages the foundation of my morning routine in order to gain clarity and add more elements little by little.

4: Drinking that god damned table spoon of Aloe Vera Juice twice a day

Make it easy to remember by stringing it together with breakfast and dinner along with implementing visual reminders such as a poster with the bottle on it for my refrigerator

Aspirin time!



Fighter Pilot

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