Notes on doing it — Day #361: Maintaining a habit doesn’t get easier over timer

It does, however, get harder to stop.

Fighter Pilot
Mar 18, 2022
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Maintaining a habit doesn’t get easier over time. It requires the same effort on day 100 as on day 361. I know that now.

However, it does get harder to stop.

The longer your streak is, the more precious to you it becomes. That’s why it gets harder day by day to stop.

You also grow prouder day by day. You start to believe in yourself like never before. You realize that if you can put in this amount of effort everyday for nearly a year, then you can probably get really far in other ares of your life as well.

The goal isn’t to make the difficult things feel easy. The goal is to get used to doing difficult things every day.

Fighter Pilot

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