Notes on doing it — Day #365: I wrote and published an article every day for a whole year

What did I learn? And what now?

Fighter Pilot
2 min readMar 22, 2022
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I actually did it. I wrote and published an article every single day for a whole year.

During this year I have learned so much. Especially about myself and my own abilities. I have learned that I can probably build any habit I want to. And that is the most important lesson I’m taking with me.

The self-efficacy that comes when working on something every day for a whole year is so potent. It has opened my eyes to lots of new possibilities and projects I want to work on going forward.

I’m not done writing. Not at all. But I’m done publishing on a daily basis. I’m not yet at a level where I can pump out meaningful and valuable content every single day. And if there is one thing the internet doesn’t need any more of its content is that it isn’t always spot-on.

With that in mind I want to move towards curating great content first and foremost. Sharing what inspires me. That’s one thing I have struggled with throughout these last 365 days. Finding a place with links to sources that never fails to inspire me.

I also want to write more of the type of articles I’m best at. It’s really easy to figure out what those are. Looking through the stats of my 365 posts I can conclude that my article “The organising technique of a productivity wizard”was my most viewed one. That has inspired me to write more about the productivity methods of some of my heroes.

But for now, I’m just going to celebrate this accomplishment. And figure out how I’m going to break this habit by trying not to post anything tomorrow. That’s going to be a weird feeling.

PS: If you’ve ever read one of my first 365 articles. Thank you!



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